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Having a garden party? Why not hire some of our special giant garden games.

Giant buzzer

a_buzzer buzzer

Our giant buzzer is a perfect way of having that extra bit a fun at parties, family fun days and corporate events, team building.


It's great entertainment for all ages, at both indoor and outdoor venues and is great fun for corporate team building days, promotional events and company fun days.  Our giant buzzer game also provides great earings potential at gales, fetes and fund-raising events

milk the cow game


An absolute winner, one look at Gertie our cartoon cow and the look on her face brings the crowds in, take your place on the stool, place the milking pail in place, wait for the whistle and get milking, the player who milks the most (water of course) at the end of the day is the winner, fabulous fun. Allow 1.5m. x 1.4m. per cow.

crossbow challenge


With very safe crossbows and suckers. Try to hit the bullseye!

suitable for children + adults

Giant Limbo Game......


Take on family and friends with the party game of Limbo. Loosen up and limbo down as a low as you can go.

Keep lowering the beam until only the most bendy person - the winner - is left

Hover Ball Race


Hover ball is an exciting new game for 1 to 8 players.  Each player or team races to transfer a floating ball across air hoses on each side to reach a basket.  First team in wins!


This item is great for schools, churches, parties and team building.

Giant Connect 4

4 in

Giant Connect 4

Great fun for all! Otherwise known as 'Mega 4 Inline' - is an indoor and outdoor game. Two players try to beat each opponent by getting by getting a line of four in their colour.

giant Jenga


giant Jenga

The object of the game is to be the last player to stack a block without knocking the tower over. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor fun.


Space   Hoppers

Why should only the children get to play by hiring our universal space hoppers both adult and child can race up and down the garden all day long. You won't be able to resist the inner child popping out.


Hire some Space Hopper for your next event or party.

Relive your childhood with these Adult Space Hoppers ideal to break the ice at any party/event. But maybe you've forgotten how much fun they can be.


Giant snakes & ladders

This giant version of the traditional board game puts the players right in the heart of the game where they act as the counters moving up the ladders and down the snakes.


Our Giant snakes and ladders game is ideal entertainment for all ages, at both indoor and outdoor events including Corporate & Promotional Events, Competition, & Team Building Events, as well as Family Fun Days


Our Giant snakes and ladders is a great addition to any event, Why not treat your guests to our Giant snakes and ladders.


Giant Draughts

Truly giant-sized checkers! Giant chess is a tad slow for games hire events but the same cannot be said for Giant Draughts... a 3m square mat with oversized pieces to match.